If your spouse is a motorcycle rider, you’re worried about their safety when they’re out on the road, and for good reason. Motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a crash than drivers of passenger vehicles, and thousands more are injured every year. Almost 80% of motorcycle owners are men, resulting in far more injuries and deaths to male spouses. 

Spouse’s Have Legal Rights When Husband or Wife is Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

While a person injured in a motorcycle accident has rights to recover for their injuries, bills and lost income, their spouse has their own claims that they can bring against the person who caused the accident.  This claim is called Loss of Consortium, and allows the non-injured spouse to recover for the following:  loss of the spouse’s help around, and contributions to, the home; loss of their spouses love and affection; loss of protection and moral support; loss of intimacy; and loss of ability to have a child together

Your Rights if Your Spouse is Killed in a Motorcycle Accident

In the worst case scenario a motorcycle accident results in the death of the cyclist.  A surviving spouse has a Wrongful Death claim and has the right to recover money for the following items:  loss of economic support, loss of love and companionship as well as the loss of a spouse’s protection, affection and moral support.

You Need a Legal Team to Fight for Your Rights

The first thing to do if your spouse is injured or killed in a motorcycle accident is to get a legal team, with knowledge and understanding of motorcycle accident cases, on your side. A consultation with an attorney as soon as possible is important to protect your rights and to begin the process of holding the parties who caused the accident accountable.  Early hiring of an attorney allows him or her to quickly begin investigating the accident before valuable evidence may be lost.

Often times the fault for a motorcycle accident is contested by the drivers involved, which makes it so important for your attorney to  visit the scene, take pictures and gather all evidence necessary to support and prove your case.  A motorcycle lawyer’s purpose is to help you with the necessary documents and legal proceedings to ensure that you and your family hold the at-fault party responsible to provide full and fair compensation and ultimately to help your family get closure. 

Inland Empire Motorcycle Law Fights for Motorcyclists and their Families

Our attorneys at Inland Empire Motorcycle Law are licensed motorcycle riders who know motorcycle law because we’ve handled hundreds of motorcycle accident cases.   We will help you and your family if your spouse has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident.