Limb Amputations

Limb Amputations and Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating. Unfortunately, despite the rider’s best efforts to stay safe, accidents happen. These accidents can be serious and may require limb amputations. When a limb is severed during a motorcycle crash in California or the damage inflicted is so great that it requires surgical amputation, the victim and his or her family need to consider legal representation to receive the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering. At Inland Empire Motorcycle Law, our team of motorcycle accident attorneys has decades of experience representing a variety of motorcycle accident victims throughout the state.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

If you were involved in a motorcycle crash serious enough to cause the loss of a limb, you’re probably lucky to be alive. However, recovering from limb amputations can be difficult. These injuries require a lengthy hospital recovery, ongoing therapy to learn how to function without the limb, the fitting of a prosthetic device, and follow-up therapy on how to use this device. From there, you’ll have periodic re-fittings or upgrades of the prosthetic. Each amputation situation is different. However, our team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys has the resources needed to represent you effectively following a serious motorcycle accident.

Cost and Treatment of Limb Amputations

After losing a limb, you will need financial support to pay for ongoing therapies, the loss of earnings, and even a prosthetic device. You can recover these damages from the at-fault party from your motorcycle crash. Some damages that one of our motorcycle accident attorneys can recover include but are not limited to: past and future medical expenses (including all doctor visits, medications, and medical devices), lost wages/earning capacity (if unable to work again), pain and suffering, disfigurement, and even property damage if applicable.

The amount you’re awarded in a claim depends on the specific details of your case. Our experienced motorcycle crash attorneys can ensure that the evidence of the party’s fault and the true cost of your injury is obtained.

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After suffering a devastating injury such as limb amputations following a motorcycle accident, you and your family may feel overwhelmed by the medical and legal decisions at hand. Our team of motorcycle accident attorneys at Inland Empire Motorcycle Law have years of experience representing individuals like you who need the adequate time to heal while we represent them.

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