The COVID pandemic has been a major disruption in the lives of people throughout the world and continues to have a profound impact on our economy.

However, despite the downturn in the U.S. economy and the rise in inflation, the motorcycle industry has been reporting an increase in new sales. In fact, in June of 2020, the Motorcycle Industry Council reported that, to date, powersport sales had been better than they had been in the previous three years.

What are some of the reasons for this upsurge in new motorcycle sales? People started experiencing “quarantine fatigue” and wanted to escape from the isolation of social distancing and working from home. Riding a motorcycle is a great activity if you need to be socially distanced from other individuals. Plus, the government’s stimulus money was an incentive for some buyers to purchase a new bike, whether they’re new to motorcycle riding or wanted to replace their current bike.

Sales trends are still on the rise

The good news for the motorcycle industry is that the increase in motorcycle sales during the pandemic seems to be holding steady. Who is riding all of these motorcycles? And have they been the ones contributing to this uptick in sales over the past 18 plus months?

Return riders account for a lot of the sudden increase in businesses that sell motorcycle gear – helmets, jackets, gloves, tires. Repair shops have also been reporting an increase in business as return riders get their bikes back in shape.

But a lot of the increase in sales are beginning riders, who shy away from riding mass transit due to COVID, but still want a way to “get around town.” Small-displacement but full-sized machines are appealing to new riders as well as some experienced ones.

Some of best motorcycles for beginners include:

  • Kawasaki Ninja 400
  • KTM Duke 200
  • BMW G310GS
  • Yamaha YZF-R3
  • Honda Monkey
  • Kawasaki Z125

With the new surge in motorcycle sales, there are bound to be concerns about an increase in noise and accidents. Making sure that new riders are knowledgeable about motorcycle safety, wearing the proper safety gear, and driving defensively can help to decrease the risk of dangerous incidents on the nation’s highways.

Did you get a new bike?

If living through the pandemic has you thinking about buying a new motorcycle, consider what type of bike fits your needs and experience level. Once you’ve decided on a bike, choose the best safety gear.

Especially important are the skills required when it comes to riding a motorcycle slowly. You will need these skills when forced to brake quickly, make a U-turn, or turn left at an intersection.

If you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident and suffer injuries, contact a motorcycle accident attorney, especially one who is also a motorcyclist. Don’t go it alone, the attorneys at Inland Empire Motorcycle Law can advocate for you, answer your legal questions and determine your best options.