Have you noticed an increase in motorcycle owners in your neighborhood? Perhaps you’ve seen more riders on the road or bikes parked out on the street. If so, your observation is accurate. There are more motorcycle riders in the US than ever before, with the percentage of Americans who own a motorcycle currently just above 8% and rising

In 2014, motorcycle ownership was only 6.94%, but a record increase in 2018 pushed the number up to 8.02. As of 2020, 8.6 million on road motorcycles are registered in the US, with California and Florida recording the highest number of motorcycles by a significant margin. So why are so many people buying motorcycles? Here are some of the top reasons to consider if you’re thinking of becoming one of the millions of Americans who own a motorcycle.

Reasons to own a motorcycle

You may be wondering why the number of motorcycle owners in the United States keeps going up. After all, aren’t motorcycles a risky purchase? Why not opt for a safer passenger vehicle?

There are plenty of reasons people own motorcycles instead of or in addition to a car. Modern motorcycles are produced and run with 90% cleaner energy than they were decades ago and tend to require less fossil fuels than cars. This makes them an eco-friendly option and a way to save money on gas. Motorcyclists are also able to maneuver through traffic with more ease than a car, so you can cut down your commute time. Believe it or not, motorcycles can actually be a good workout too! Steering a motorcycle uses a lot of muscle and energy, helping to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles as you ride. 

They aren’t for everyone

Despite the increase in popularity that motorcycles have seen in the past few years, they’re not the vehicle for everyone. There are well known dangers associated with motorcycle riding, the most prominent of which being motorcycle accidents. Anyone can tell you that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars, and a biker will take the majority of the damage in an accident with a passenger car. 

Though there are safety measures one can take to reduce the risk of getting into an accident or the amount of damage that may occur, there is no surefire way to eliminate that danger. As a result, it’s important to identify a firm of trusted, experienced attorneys for motorcycle accidents. At Inland Empire Motorcycle Law, our attorneys are experts in the nuance of motorcycle accident cases. They can help you determine whether you have a case and, if so, how to move forward and get the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Inland Empire Motorcycle Law today.