If you have been in a motorcycle accident, it may take time for you to get back on your bike. Once you do, however, assure your motorcycle is safe to ride again. Your bike may have been damaged in the accident, or perhaps a mechanical issue led to the accident in the first place. If that is the case, you should take your bike in for repairs before taking it back out for a ride.

No matter what type of bike you have or what type of repair is needed, there’s a repair shop that can help you. Websites like Yelp are a terrific way to find the top rated motorcycle repair shops in Riverside, CA. Below are some of the repair shops in and around Riverside that have gotten positive feedback online.

Top rated & trustworthy

According to online reviewers, one of the top rated Riverside motorcycle repair shops is Bill’s Motorcycle Shop. The staff are apparently highly experienced with all makes and models of motorcycles, but you can also bring other types of vehicles, including dirt bikes, cruisers, and off-road vehicles in for servicing. Reviewers cite great service at competitive prices and that Bill’s will take on jobs no other shop would.

Another shop that seems to have developed a loyal customer base is Cha Cha Cha Motorsports. A small business named for the owner’s three daughters, customers’ online comments highlight the staff’s competence as well as the owner’s industry expertise. The shop also sells safety gear and motorcycle accessories and helps with motorcycle insurance claims

Corona Motorsports is not only a motorcycle repair shop, but a retailer as well. According to online reviews, Corona Motorsports offers a full line of accessory products and a good inventory of new vehicles in addition to their service department. Many reviewers claim that the customer service is fantastic, and reference that as a huge factor when deciding to bring their bikes to this shop.

The final repair shop listed here is Mihali Cycle Service, a shop specific to Harley Davidson brand motorcycles. While this may rule out some customers, the exclusivity allows the service technicians to be fully certified and specialized in Harley Davidson servicing. Customer comments are in agreement that the prices are better than those of a dealership, something they cite as making it a great option for Harley owners.

About that accident…

If your bike needs repairs following a motorcycle accident, there are plenty of tried and true service shops in Riverside that you can go to. However, if you have been in a motorcycle accident, you’re going to need more than bike repairs.

Were you injured in the accident? First and foremost, we recommend seeking immediate medical attention, even if you feel alright. Next contact a motorcycle accident attorney who is well versed in the intricacies of motorcycle accident law. Motorcycle laws are distinct from other automotive laws, at Inland Empire Motorcycle Law we are ready to help you determine the best way to move forward, achieve fair compensation, and get back on the road again.