Motorcyclist in traffic on city street

It is impossible to talk about motorcycles without the issue of motorcycle safety coming up. Motorcycle riders and car drivers love to debate the safety of their vehicles of choice. This raises the question: are motorcycles safer than cars? Motorcyclists may be disappointed to hear that the answer is no

Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars by design. Since unlike cars, motorcycles are not enclosed, the risk of injury to a rider during an accident is much higher. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up riding motorcycles completely. However, motorcyclists have to be much more alert and ride safely to avoid injury. Accidents can be avoided if you ride responsibly.

Even the Most Experienced Rider Can’t Prepare for an Inexperienced Driver

The cause of motorcycle accidents is similar to the cause of car accidents—driving under the influence or other irresponsible driving practices. Alcohol consumption and distracted driving are responsible for thousands of accidents every year, and account for about 31% of fatal traffic accidents. Passing recklessly or under unsafe conditions is also a common cause of motorcycle accidents.

Even if you only ride your motorcycle when you’re sober and focused, there is always the possibility of encountering another driver who hasn’t made the same decision. If you’re on the motorcycle end of an accident with a drunk or inexperienced driver, you will probably take the majority of the damage. Therefore, it is important to ride carefully when you have high visibility to minimize the risk of getting into an accident. 

Been in an Accident? Why a Car Accident Injury Attorney Isn’t as Good as a Motorcycle Attorney for Your Case.

Even with these motorcycle safety tips, there is still the chance of getting into an accident. If you have been in an accident with a car, you may be wondering whether to contact a car accident attorney or a motorcycle accident attorney

In many traffic accident cases, jurors and judges hold biases against motorcyclists, assuming that they were at fault in the accident. Make sure you are represented by a lawyer who understand the nuances of motorcycle laws, which will make proving your case much easier.

Proving fault in these types of accidents can be difficult without footage as evidence.  A motorcycle accident attorney will be familiar with these difficulties and will know better how to overcome them than a car accident attorney. 

A motorcycle accident attorney can represent your case to the best of their ability using their extensive knowledge of motorcycle law. If you find yourself the victim of an accident, reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney to ensure you are compensated fairly.