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Motorcycle Licensing and You

Obtaining a motorcycle license in California can be a task that requires focus, and dedication. In fact, according to the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles website, “Applying for your motorcycle license is similar to applying for a driver license. There are two classes of motorcycle licenses, Class M1 and Class M2.” The site further states: “You can operate any two-wheel motorcycle motor-driven cycle, or motorized scooter, motorized bicycle, moped, or a bicycle with an attached motor, or a motorized scooter with a Class M1 license. You can operate a motorized bicycle, moped, or a bicycle with an attached motor, or a motorized scooter with a Class M2 license.” The site further states: “With a Class C license you can operate a motorcycle with a sidecar attached or a three-wheel motorcycle.”

Motorcycle Accidents in California

Data from the Center For Disease Control (CDC),  states that: “In the United States, motorcycles account for three percent of registered vehicles and only 0.6 percent of vehicle miles traveled.” Further information from the ConsumerSafety.org website states that California is a state with a high percentage of motorcycle accidents, “…hitting a record high in 2013 with more than 11,780 riders involved in accidents that resulted in 480 fatalities.” They further report: “955,293 motorcycles were registered in California in 2017. The site also adds: “California has universal helmet laws, meaning every rider is required to wear a helmet, regardless of age.”

Why Choose Inland Empire Motorcycle Law as Your Motorcycle Attorney?

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, there may be confusion, anger, and uncertainty that surrounds you. Not only could you be facing physical injuries and limitations, but there is a possibility that you may be facing lost wages, mounting medical bills, and an overall diminished quality of life. Put your fears and confusion at ease with a consultation from the motorcycle attorneys of Inland Empire Motorcycle Law. Not only will they fight for your rights, but they will work relentlessly to ensure you receive all the compensation that you are due. With over a decade of experience, as well as a keen understanding of motorcycle law here in the state of California, Inland Empire Motorcycle Law is a firm comprised of experienced motorcycle attorneys for your case. Call Inland Empire Motorcycle Law today, to discuss your case!