You can’t have a discussion about motorcycles without safety coming up. Motorcycles may be fun to ride, but they come with high risk for the riders. If you’re a motorcyclist you may be drawn to motorcycles that seem the most powerful, but it’s important to get a bike that is reliable as well. If you’re trying to prioritize safety, the type of motorcycle you ride makes a difference. Here is our list of the top three safest motorcycles on the market. 

  1. Yamaha

Every motorcyclist recognizes the name Yamaha. They make lightweight, efficient motorcycles that are good for first time and regular riders alike. They have an 11% failure rate, one of the lowest in the industry. 

  1. Suzuki

Suzuki comes in at number two with a 12% failure rate. Many of their models include safety features such as the adjustable windshield, slip resistant seat, and road freeze warning alert. The specialized frame also offers improved stability while riding.

  1. Honda

Honda also has a 12% failure rate. Their bikes may come with fewer safety features than Suzuki motorcycles, but Honda makes up for it with their powerful engines. They offer a wide range of models that allow for a safe and comfortable ride. 

It’s not all about the bike

While the type of bike you buy can definitely make a difference when it comes to road safety, it shouldn’t be your last line of defense. Safety accessories for motorcyclists are also a necessary addition to your gear collection. If you are involved in an accident, safety gear could be the only thing between you and a life threatening injury. 

Not only do helmets and padding protect you physically, but they protect you legally as well. If you were injured in an accident where you weren’t using any safety accessories, insurance adjusters may argue that you are more at fault for the injuries than the other driver. They may even argue that you would not have been injured if you had been using safety gear. However, whether you were using safety equipment or not, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. You need to contact a firm of specialized motorcycle accident injury attorneys who know how to get you the settlement you deserve. 

And it’s not all about how you ride

Motorcycle accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are. The best you can do is to ride safely and try to reduce the chance of serious injuries if you do end up in an accident. Buying one of the safest motorcycles on the road will help reduce your chance of accidents or injury due to bike failures. Additionally, acquiring safety accessories will help protect your body and your legal defense in the event of an accident.

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